The Barn

where the teaching happens…


Tailored to your needs

Daily, or every other day

The lessons take place in the barn, and are open to the other participants. Depending on your projects and main focus during the camp, you can either choose to get 30 minutes of lesson every day, or 1hour every other day.

At the beginning of the camp, every participants will share the repertoire list she/he projects to be working on during the week, and her/his needs in terms of lesson frequency. From this, a daily schedule will be established so that every one can learn from one another, and tailor her/his experience.


Masterclasses and workshops

Deepening repertoire knowledge, getting constructive feedback

Every other night, all the participants will gather in the barn for:

  • either a masterclass by the professor on selected repertoire chosen by them at the beginning of the camp

  • or 1 or 2 willing students to play a runthrough of an upcoming competition stage or concert part, then hearing constructive feedback from others, to build stage presence and comfidence.


Private lessons

for a 1 to 1 focus hour with the professor

Depending of the professor, and if schedule allows, additional private lessons for willing students who require more focus or extra teaching time can be booked. Additional rates apply.



For more informations :

Our team is here, and in contact with the professor, to answer questions about your pedagogic needs. Feel free to ask!