General terms and conditions


requested level

A minimum Bachelor level is requested to attend the course. Exemptions may be considered with a proper recommandation letter by a recognized professor. A repertoire list and focus topics must be addressed in advance for optimal preparation.

harps and practice space

Each student will have access to a Premium Salvi or Lyon&Healy harp for a minimum of 5 hours a day. The instruments lent by l’Instrumentarium will be dispatched between the rooms, the barn, and the practice studios. Replacement will be made available in case of broken strings, harp benches and music stands will be provided. Students must carry a tuning key and their music with them.

Students are free to bring their own instrument, under their own responsibility. No discounts will be offered on the camp prize if they do so.

Arrival in billorgues (2019 camp)

Arrivals by train (Rodez or Saint Christophe Occitanie stations), plane (Rodez-Aveyron airport RDZ), or car (parking available on the property) are possible from Friday July 12th after 5pm. For train or air arrivals a transfer will be organized.

Dinner will be available, students will be dispatched in the rooms, try the instruments, and the schedule will be established for the first day of class (Saturday July 13th). An arrival by the sleeper train is eventually possible on Saturday July 13th at 5:51am, in which case a transfer will also be organized to the camp location.

Please note: No student shall be admitted to the course without having paid the cost of the course in full.

departure from Billorgues (2019 CAMP)

Transfers to the local train stations or the RDZ airport will be organized from Saturday July 20th late night (sleeper train to Paris Austerlitz at 10:41PM), and no later than 1PM on Sunday July 21st. A breakfast will be served on Sunday 21st.

accomodation (2019 camp)

Full board accommodation will be provided between July 12th evening (dinner) and July 21st morning (breakfast).

- This rate includes breakfast (from 8am am to 9 am), lunch (from 1pm to 2 pm) and dinner (from 7pm to 8 pm) on the property with all the other students and the professor. One dinner will be organized on a nearby winemaking property, with local wine tasting for people of legal age. Special dietary needs/allergies may be addressed, please inquire in advance.

- According to the option you have chosen, you will be attributed a single, double or triple shared room. Bathrooms are shared with the other participants of the academy.

- Bed linen and towels are provided.

- Participants are responsible for their own bedroom cleaning. L’Instrumentarium Academy will provide the necessary material if needed. On request a cleaning can be done by the Academy team for an additional 20€.

- No pets permitted on the grounds.

- You may play your instrument in your room or a dedicated other room, every day from 9am to1pm, 2pm to 7pm, 8pm to 10pm.

- Any person who damages equipment, fittings or fixtures shall be required to compensate the property owners. Similarly, anyone who disturbs the peace or their neighbor/roommate’s sleep at night shall be asked to leave the grounds without receiving any reimbursement.

- L’Instrumentarium Academy has a limited number of rooms each session. Students are therefore encouraged to register as quickly as possible.


All rates include 4 hours of individual instruction with the professor, 1 harp for individual practice for minimum 5 hours per day, participation in the public student concert if the student wishes in accordance with the professor, free access to the other student’s individual lessons, the 3 evening masterclasses (program to be decided by the professor), the professor’s hour recital, a friendly dinner at a winemaker’s property, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the common table on the property, a morning visit of Conques and its Roman cathedral, transfers to and from the local airport/train stations.

Additional private lessons can be arranged upon availability of the professor, for an extra fee by the hour. Ask our team for more information.

Bathrooms are shared with the other participants of the academy.

Single room option (limited number): the participant will sleep in her/his own room on the property, with a harp if space allows.

Double/Triple shared room option: the participant will share her/his room with one or two other participants. Some of the rooms will have a harp to be shared.

Underage student with accompanying parent/legal tutor option (very limited number): the underage student will share a room with her/his legal guardian, with a harp if space allows. Full board will be provided for both the participant and her/his guardian.

Registration policy

Directly on-line on our webpage

- Registration confirmations will only be sent by email, please don't forget to include your email address (make sure it is


- No registration shall be considered without prior payment (minimum deposit: USD 200$).

- All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

- After 30 June, L’Instrumentarium Academy can not guarantee the student's choice of room.


must be made at the time of registration. - An invoice shall be issued on request.

Choose from the following payment methods:

1) I will pay the full registration cost, immediately and only by credit card or PAYPAL. My registration form is validated.

2) I will make several payments:

- mandatory deposit (minimum USD 200$), immediately and by credit card or PAYPAL only. This payment validates my registration form.

- 1/3 of the total amount of my registration will be due on 30 April,

- the balance will be due on 30 June.

Please note:

* Anyone wishing to pay by cheque or wire transfer should follow the instructions sent

by email.

* No registration shall be approved in case of payment failure.

* No registration shall be considered without the payment of a minimum deposit (USD 200$).

- Accepted payment methods:

1) Credit Card and PAYPAL on our secure site.

2) French cheque made payable to: L’Instrumentarium

Please send the cheque by post to: L’Instrumentarium Academy, 35 rue Fondary, 75015 Paris FRANCE

3) Wire transfer: the transfer order made out to L’Instrumentarium Academy must be sent by email to or by post mentioning: your name and the room option chosen.

Any bank transfer must include the phrase "without charge to the beneficiary".

Please note, if, despite these instructions, the bank charges are borne by L’Instrumentarium Academy, the participants concerned shall be required to reimburse these fees on their arrival.

cancellation policy

Before 30 June: L’Instrumentarium Academy will only reimburse the fees on presentation of a medical certificate or irrefutable evidence that the participant is unable to attend the course. A full refund minus an application fee of USD90 will then occur.

After June 30: no cancellation or change for a course shall be accepted. The student shall therefore be liable for any sums owed.

In addition, in the event of external events beyond its control or if one or more professors are unavailable or there are not enough participants, L’Instrumentarium Academy reserves the right to cancel all or part of the course. The amounts paid shall then be refunded, with the exclusion of any compensation.

Any students who leave the course without a valid reason shall not be entitled to claim any refund. This also applies to accommodation costs.

medical emergencies

The Centre Hospitalier Jacques Puel, a 25 minutes drive from the camp facilities, is a fully equipped hospital which can attend emergency medical cases. Although l’Instrumentarium Academy has taken all the necessary insurance cover for its participants throughout the session (limited to the French territory), it is highly recommended that you purchase an additional insurance for your medical coverage.

important information

- Although l’Instrumentarium Academy has taken all the necessary insurance cover for its participants throughout the session (limited to the French territory), it is highly recommended that you purchase an additional insurance for your personal effects.

- All participants under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible parent or legal guardian. Otherwise, it is mandatory that one or the other shall sign a written statement exonerating L’Instrumentarium Academy from any liability at the time of student’s registration.

- By registering at L’Instrumentarium Academy, the students authorize their image to be taken during the academy's usual activities (courses and concerts) in order to produce an audiovisual work of an educational nature and gives their express permission for their image to be fully or partially used without charge in the above-mentioned audiovisual work for reproduction, representation and exploitation by any method and processes known or unknown to-date, in any media, in any format, throughout the world, for the term for which the copyrights of the authors of the work have been acquired, including all renewals of these copyrights. The professors may select the best videos of their courses and make them available to the internet media of L’Instrumentarium Academy.


In the event of a dispute, sole competence shall be given to the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris (Paris District Court).

- Enrolling in L’Instrumentarium Academy implies the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions.